Law of March 22, 1913, laying down New Rules on Copyright (as amended up to Decree S.B No. 23 of 1981)

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Entry into force: March 22, 1913
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Main IP Laws
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Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights), Enforcement of IP and Related Laws
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WET van 22 maart 1913, houdende nieuwe regeling van het auteursrecht (G.B. 1913 no. 15), gelijk zij luidt na de daarin aangebrachte wijzigingen bij G.B. 1915 no. 78, G.B. 1946 no. 2, G.B. 1946 no. 77, G.B. 1959 no. 76, S.B. 1980 no. 116, S.B. 1981 no. 23.pdfhtml(Version with Automatic Translation Tool)
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