Civil Procedure Code (promulgated by Dahir n° 1-74-447 of 11 Ramadan 1394 (September 28, 1974), and amended up to Law No. 19-02)

Year of Version2002
Entry into force: September 30, 1974
Adopted: September 28, 1974
Type of Text IP-related Laws
Subject Matter Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Other
NotesThe notification by Morocco to the WTO under article 63.2 of TRIPS states:
'This Code sets out the procedures for all civil action before courts of first instance, administrative courts and commercial courts.'
Available Texts
Code de procédure civile (promulgué par Dahir n° 1-74-447 du 11 ramadan 1394 (28 septembre 1974), et modifié jusqu'à la loi n° 19-02)
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