Law No. 22 of 1992 on Copyright Protection

Year of Version:
Entry into force: April 16, 1992
Adopted: March 19, 1992
Type of Text:
Main IP Laws
Subject Matter:
Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights), Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, IP Regulatory Body
The Copyright Law contains 59 articles, covering, inter alia, matters relating to general definitions (Article 2), protected works (Article 3); exclusive rights of the author (Article 8-10), transfer of economic rights by authors (Article 13-15), economic rights of the heirs of the author Article 21-22), the term of protection (Articles 30-34), infringement and penalties (Articles 46-52).
The Law was published in the Official Gazette No. 3821 on April 16, 1992, and entered into force on the
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Available Texts:
قانون حماية حق المؤلف رقم 22 لسنة 1992pdf
Law No. 22 of 1992 on Copyright Protectionpdfhtml(Version with Automatic Translation Tool)
Loi n° 22 de 1992 sur la protection du droit d'auteurpdfhtml(Version with Automatic Translation Tool)
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